Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Cross-Post about the Wedding! (Sorry)

We got our engagement photo CD in the mail today and they turned out great! We took them at the museum in Portsmouth where I've worked for over two years. The site is about ten acres and has over thirty historic buildings on it that we used as great backdrops.

The photographer was a little worried about the brightness of the photos because we did them around sunset and it got dark very quickly. However, we ended up with 39 shots that had plenty of light and so we're pleased. I've picked out some of my initial favorites and posted them below. Enjoy!

This was our first shot, taken in front of
the cooper's (barrel maker) workshop

Under an arbor by the strawberry patch. I do
hearth cooking in the blue house behind us!

In front of the 1695 First-Period Sherburne House,
one of the oldest houses in New Hampshire

And a nice shot as the light was fading, in front of the 1762 Chase House. I actually think I might use this image for our Christmas cards, as I think the lantern makes it somewhat festive!

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Emphemerella said...

Stace, I love them. What a perfect idea for the two of you :)

Miss you desperately, btw. One day we need a phone date. Today is the first day of my reading period so I'm officially MIA once I get of the *&^%ing internet until the 18th... but then?

Stacey said...

Aren't they fun and historical-like?

Miss you too, love! Today is the 18th which means you're done with finals which means I'm emailing you right now to set up a phone date!