Sunday, January 06, 2008

New York is Nutty

OK, I'm on my third day in New York & it's just as nutty as I remember. ;) I got in Thursday around 6:30pm, then spent the evening at Wine & Roses and Dive 75.

Friday - we were lazy to the nth degree & spend the day reading, eating & drinking red wine (this is what my best friend & I tend to do on vacation, btw).

Saturday, we were a bit better. We took the pup for a walk in Central Park in the afternoon, then went out at night. MObar at the Mandarin Oriental, Stone Rose, then some Irish pub in the 80s.

At said Irish pub, a number of odd things happened. #1 - I got hit on by a guy pretending to be English. I was just drunk enough & the bar was just loud enough for me to believe it for awhile. #2 - It turned out that his friend, who was cute but very short, was actually the one who wanted to talk to me. There were other odd things this group did & said, but this is a family show, folks. So odd that my best friend jokingly posited that they were a traveling circus troupe. ;)

Anyways, I've got three more full days here & then I head down to DC. Tonight, I'm having dinner with a study abroad friend down by Columbus Circle, then we're seeing a high school friend's band play tomorrow night. Busy, busy. Will try to update at some point! :)

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