Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Late

and my bus to DC leaves in about 12 hours. Hence, this will be quick. :) And links will be added when I'm home next week. ;)

Had a good time since I posted last. Dinner with a dear study abroad friend on Sunday night (Camels and Chocolate), then drinks with the best friend & some of her law school friends at a nearby bar.

I spent part of Monday walking through Central Park & roaming around the Museum of Natural History. Stayed in Monday night instead of going to see a high school friend's band play. It was just too far away & no one was feeling up for it.

Tuesday, it was 66 degrees out! The best friend & I took her dog on a two-hour walk through Riverside Park, ending with a trip to Pinkberry for yummy frozen yogurt. Then, we & two of her friends had reservations for a 10pm show at a jazz club nearby. Lovely dinner, accompanied by sangria, red wine, and some nice jazz. Proceeded to have drinks at three more bars before heading home around 4:30am.

Today, I had lunch downtown with the high school friend with the band, then spent a few hours at the Met. Rounded things off with dinner & drinks with one of the best friend's boarding school friends at a little wine & panini bar in the West Village.

Off to DC tomorrow! Will try to post if I can. If not, I'll be home in Portsmouth on Tuesday, so I can update then. :)

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Susie said...

I want to go to Pinkberry!

Sounds like you're having an awesome little vaca :)

Hope DC is fun too!