Monday, December 10, 2007

A Vintage Christmas in Portsmouth

That's the slogan the Chamber of Commerce has been shilling this winter. And to be honest, for some reason, this Christmas does feel a little slower & a little more "vintage." I think a lot of it does have to do with the quirky side streets & charming brick facades of my adopted town.

I was walking home last night through the snow and I thought to myself, "I heart Portsmouth at Christmas." :)

(Flickr nod to Dreamers Realm for the picture of the Market Sq. Christmas tree.)

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heatherqamar said...

Hi there! I'm dreamersrealm from flickr - glad you liked the pic. It was lovely up there on December 1st, the night of the Christmas parade. To chime in on the vintage look, I was walking - briskly in the bitter cold - and saw a group of carolers dressed from colonial times as the entered a classic colonial style brick entrance byt the light of a period lantern. I couldn't get my camera up and running in time, but it was like I'd gone back 200 years. I DO "heart" Portsmouth!