Friday, December 07, 2007

From 4 to 1

Oy vey. I'm starving & about to make dinner, so I'm keeping this short. It's been quite the week, you guys. Here's where we stand with the boys:
  1. The Accountant: After the quickest "first date to big-time crush" I've ever experienced, we're no longer dating. What? I know. Basically, he came over last night to sadly tell me that he had thought he was ready to move on from his recent break-up, but realized he's just not. Naturally, it sucks, but it was a major concern of mine, too. I'm glad he realized & let me know before we had been dating longer. And, because I'm an eternal optimist, who knows what might happen down the road? I think we'll stay in touch (we have a lot of mutual friends) and when he's ready to date again, hopefully I'll be around.
  2. The Bouncer: Had our first date last night (about an hour after The Accountant left - it was horrible timing, but I couldn't bail on him). We had a nice time, found some common interests, and closed down the Brewery. Definite potential here, but I'm still sad over The Accountant & trying not to let that affect this.
  3. The Pilot: We chatted on the phone Tuesday night & he was v. friendly & casual, asking me to "keep [him] updated on all these boys I'm dating." So I figure we're good as just friends, right? Wrong, evidently. While I was on my date with The Bouncer, he texted to see how I was & upon hearing I was on a date, he said, "You stoppin' by my place later?" Um - whaaa? I wrote back: "No, dear. I think it's best to avoid something like that."
  4. Former Army Guy: After breaking things off with him, I ended up bailing on our Tuesday night plans (which were, in essence, me driving thirty minutes to a place I'd never been to meet a boy I didn't like). He was ok with my excuse (not feeling well & lots of work to do), but then wanted to see me both Thursday night & Sunday for the Pats game. Huh? Didn't I break it off with him the night before? I begged off, but hope he's not going to make a habit of this.
So, long story short: I'm down to one guy, but my love life still feels confusing, stressful, and keeps taking my mind off important things like my final papers. Ugh. As for tonight, I'm off to make a quick dinner, do a little reading, and then meet some graduate school friends at The Knot for a relaxing drink or two. Have a nice night! :)


Susie said...

Awww The Knot used to be the Tap Room...where I spent my 21st birthday. That was always the trashy bar on campus, but so much fun (esp. when you knew everyone working there!) Wow, so many memories from that place.

Sucks about the accountant, but I def. give him credit for telling you now. Hope things continue to go well w/ the bouncer :)

Stacey said...

Haha, yeah, it was definitely not a relaxing drink. ;) The roommate of one of the guys in our group was playing and the place was packed! I had to wait outside for a few minutes, if you can believe that.

Plus, there was drama with the The Accountant, who said he wasn't going, but ended up doing so. Ugh.