Friday, January 24, 2014

IKEA in the House!

In preparation for the baby and to create more general storage in the house, we ordered a bunch of furniture from IKEA and it came today.  And because life is never simple, the delivery came before the scheduled time, while I was at the oral surgeon's getting a wisdom tooth extracted.  !!!  Luckily, I have a lovely friend who lives locally and was able to run over to our house to sign for the packages for us.  Thank goodness!

Here is what the packages look like on our porch right now:
Note to potential thieves: the porch doors are locked and the packages will all be coming inside once my husband gets home and can help me move them!

Here's what it inside all those packages:
Tarva dresser, for the baby's room (you may recognize it from the nursery plan from Tuesday).
Fjell wardrobe, which we have been in love with since we first saw it (proof!).  The baby is kicking Justin's clothes out of the guest room closet, so we needed the wardrobe (since our closet in this 1934 house is tiny).
Currently, we have big storage boxes under our bed that don't work (Justin has to wake me up sometimes and ask me to roll over so he can get to them in the morning).  Hence, this storage bed with two big drawers on each side.
And finally, an awesome sectional couch that opens into a full-size bed.  See where those tags are sticking out on the left?  That section rolls out and pops up like a trundle bed.  My Mum and Dad - God bless their hearts - will be starting two days of regular child care for us in the fall, so we needed the sofa bed for more sleeping space.  Besides, with two dogs who love to be on the couch with us (the hounds) and a baby on the way, we thought we needed a bigger couch as well!

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