Saturday, February 01, 2014

More Baby's Room Stuff

Look what I made today!  I had seen the quote in a couple of places around the internet, then decided I wanted a print with the saying for Eleanor's room.  Rather than try to find one to buy, I ran to Publisher and typed it up, then started pondering a good mountain image to go with it.  Within seconds, I'd thought of Tolkien's mountain drawings (since Justin and I are both big fans) and found a JPG of the cover of our own edition of The Hobbit.  Popped it in behind the quote, made the text box less transparent so you could read the words better, agonized for a little while over fonts & degree of transparency, and voila!

And in other big news, we painted the nursery today!  I'm going to take better photos tomorrow in the daylight, with the furniture back in place, but here's a sneak peek.  The color is a no-VOC match to Valspar's "Balsam," which seemed fitting for a woodland nursery.

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