Wednesday, January 08, 2014

2013, Week #52 (and 1/2)

This is the final week for this project - how exciting!  It actually encompasses a little over a week (December 23-31) in order to finish out the year completely.  Enjoy!

Justin attempting to solve the Christmas rubix cube I got him in his stocking.

Beorn and his rawhide antler.

Reading a new book - a sight to warm his auntie's heart.

And off to Scotland on Boxing Day!  This suitcase epitomizes efficient packing: 7 sweaters, lots of thick socks, jeans, black pants, leggings, underwear, a full toiletry bag, and a bottle of booze - all in a medium-sized suitcase.

Missed this view (Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket).

First pub ever visited in Edinburgh, a decade ago (gave it a miss this time).

Justin & Edinburgh Castle - two class acts.

Gorgeous city.

View from balcony cafe at the National Museum (Victorian wing).

Awesome animals at the National Museum.

My favorite carnyx.

Chambers St. is pretty in the rain (good thing).

Favorite present for baby Eleanor from the Edinburgh Christmas market.

A very Happy, Blurry, Sober New Year's from Blackford Hill!

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