Sunday, March 03, 2013


It's the third day of March and there are changes coming.

Outside for starters - I'm sitting by the living room window, where we moved the desk last night (swapping out an old, uncomfortable extraneous sofa) and the snow is melting, the sun is shining  and I heard birdsong a few minutes ago.

And inside, too - last week, I officially accepted a promotion at one of my three museums.  As of mid-April, I'll be leaving one museum, where I've worked since the summer of 2009, and becoming Co-Director of another museum, where I've been since the spring of 2010.  I'll keep my third job for the time being, for the love of it (and for the extra income).

It's an exciting change and one that will hopefully bring some focus as well as some stress.  For the last three years, I've worked three jobs in three different towns (while living in a fourth).  It's been manageable but certainly not stress-free.  The idea of working the job closest to home nearly full-time (~35 hours/week) and keeping my most-beloved other job as a side gig?  Heaven.

Plus, I'll only be working around four more hours per week with the new schedule, but with an hourly pay raise thrown in, it actually translates to a $10K increase in annual salary.  !!!  Sweet deal.

So here's to new beginnings!  I foresee a very fruitful spring . . .

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