Monday, March 25, 2013

2013, Week #12

Here are the photos from March 18-24:

Oh hey winter, I thought we were just about rid of you . . .

On the other hand, snow day pancakes!

And snow day snuggles!

Thing 2 in the pillow fort his auntie built him.

Monkeys peppering a v. patient uncle with Pokemon questions (they were on stools in the pantry to be away from the stove while he cooked dinner). ♥

Just having a meeting in this room, nbd.

I want it to be nice out so that I can hang out here!

Two shots of lovely waterways from today's dog walk.

Cloudy sunset glow.

Our Easter egg from a very creative friend!

A puppy in the window.

Is it for-reals spring yet?

We attempted to upgrade 4 light fixtures on Saturday. Thanks to our ancient wiring, this is the only one we finished.

Soup & garden scheming for lunch.

Another new light fixture done! And a v. cute puppy.

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