Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sadie's Woodland Adventure

Yup, that's a cute little pup home in her house after a wild romp through the woods - unescorted - this afternoon.  She got loose of her lead while outside and took off for an hour or so.  This is not the first time she's done this and she always comes back, so I'm a little calmer now than I was the first time.  

It's still massively stressful, though.  Especially because she actually ran back through the backyard once while she was gone, but refused to come when called.  Then, proceeded to climb the embankment by our house almost up to the highway.  !!!  I ran towards the embankment, heart in my throat, and hollered for her to come down.  She didn't come back (then), but she did climb down, so that's good.

Sigh. Without sounding cavalier, she's my parents' problem for the next week, as we're off to sunny Florida!  Good luck, Grammy & Papa.

Side note:  I'll definitely continue to take daily photos while in Florida, but they may get posted in clumps or from my phone (which sometimes adds the annoying "this message was posted from a Verizon Wireless phone" message at the bottom).  Have no fear, though - the photos will be taken!  Today marks three months - a quarter of a year - since I started the project and I'm not feeling any signs of slowing down.  :)

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