Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Week of 365 Days of 30

Here it is - the first week of my 365 project!  Each photo has brief commentary below.  I originally thought I might post all 7 in one day, like I'm doing today, but found that I was uploading and prepping each day's photo on the actual day this week.  And if you notice, I didn't do any non-365 posts this week (probably b/c I was "uploading and prepping each day's photo on the actual day").

So as crazy as it sounds, I'm going to try to actually post each photo on its day.  We'll see how long and how well that works, but hey - no harm in having a goal, right?

A lovely warm morning at the lake the day after my birthday.  We had breakfast on the porch , then I lay about and read on my new Kindle (above right) for 13 hours!

After a busy weekend at the lake followed by dinner with friends in Portsmouth and a Board meeting for me, it was so nice to come home Monday night and crawl into bed to read and muck about online.

My wonderful husband helped me at work on Tuesday, digging a pit for my after-school archaeology program.  Normally, I'd have to do this all by myself (twice a year), but he was able to knock out the first part in a few hours.

My parents got me a new bookcase for my birthday!  Again!  Justin put it together for me!  Again!  And here it is (the short one on the left) waiting to be filled with books.  I did that job on Thursday night, so perhaps that photo will be one of next week's.

A cute puppy gazing out into the gloom of a rainy Thursday evening.  So nice to come home and be snuggly & warm after a long rainy day at work.

My view when I walked in the door on Friday around 6pm.  A cute husband cooking dinner - acorn squash stuffed with turkey, couscous, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and parmesan.  Again, soooo nice to be home with the family after a rainy day at work.

A sunny day at work!  I filled in for one of the tour guides on Saturday and it was a pleasant, breezy, sunny day in Portsmouth.  I love how the sunlight fills the dining room in this house!

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