Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Best Laid Plans . . .

All day, I planned on my photo of the day to be from the museum's Harvest Supper tonight.  I went down to the first floor and took a few shots in anticipation.  We had a lovely evening with lots of good food & wine.  I was all set for the day, photo-wise.

Then, I got home to find out that our new bar had arrived!  So while Justin noshed on leftovers from the Harvest Supper (the potatoes came home in a plastic baggie, which he thought was pretty hilarious), I started assembling the new bar.  After he finished his late supper, he helped me finish the bar and we tucked it into its corner of the dining room.

We've begun to accessorize it and while I'll probably tweak it a thousand times more, it's at least had a start.  The top shelf sports a melamine placemat with a Robert Burns quote and an old wooden tray I bought at a thrift store in New Hampshire, which currently hosts a bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label,a small bottle of port wine from Orkney Wine Company, a not-shown cocktail shaker, and nips of Talisker and Drambuie.

The next shelf down has a pretty engraved aluminum tray (that totally looks like silver), which is currently covered with our collection of shot glasses.  However, I'm still feeling like open shot glass storage is too "dorm room decor" for me, so that may change.  The next shelf down has another melamine placemat with a different Burns quote and a basket corralling bottle openers, wine corks, and my kilt beer coozie.  The bottom shelf has a built-in wine rack which is currently holding two bottles of red, a bottle of blackberry mead, and a bottle of margarita mix.

Yay for finally having a good bar set-up!  Can't wait until we have friends and/or family over and they can help themselves to a drink.

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