Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Posting Fail

I realized today that I've only posted 6 times thus far this month, which puts me at a rate of one post every 3.83 days (I'm also a little bit of a math nerd, apparently). Boo to that. It's been a busy month, but aren't they all?

I'll do my best to throw posts up a bit more regularly, especially since this month is my fourth anniversary with good ol' Hodoeporicon. Yup, that's right - almost 4 years ago to the day (3/27/06), I started out here with this little post. That's some kind of crazy.

UPDATE: In a hilarious (to me, at least) coincidence, I happened to glance at my Blogger Dashboard after I posted this. And according to that page, this is post #600!

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