Sunday, January 03, 2010

Visit from a Muscovite (kinda, sorta)

I was going to title this "From Russia with Love," but that's been done to death.

Mr. Segundus, who has been referred to once or twice here, is a friend of mine and Justin's. Nay, not just a friend. He is our former roommate, best friend, Best Man, and partner in crime & intellectual conversation. He is also a fabulous writer, with a brilliant blog of his own.

However, he is also living far away at present, in cold & snowy Moscow researching Stalinist architecture under the auspices of an academic grant program. I won't tell you which one to protect his privacy, but you'd know it if you heard it.

Anywho, this means he is no longer sleeping on our floor, getting burritos & beers with us, and engaging in wonderfully intricate discussions of linguistic nerdery with Justin. Hasn't been since August, in fact. Which is sad.

He did come home to New Hampshire for Christmas, though, and was able to carve an afternoon and evening out of a busy family schedule for us. He came by last Sunday just after we (belatedly) trimmed our tree, we exchanged Xmas presents, we nom'd on burritos at Dos Amigos, attempted trivia at the Coat (way too packed in there), and ended up enjoying a few beverages at The Press Room.

His visit was too brief, but it was lovely to see him - and the mullet he's grown to fit in with the Moscow crowd. ;) Miss you already, monkey! Glad you're safely back in город Москва.

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Andrew said...

heh heh. <3ses. I had a blast, and am tearing into the index cards. SO GLORIOUS.