Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wer Ond Wif

So, you might be wondering, where are all the posts about wedding planning? I thought she told us she was going to turn into an annoying, wedding-planning, blogging bride-to-be? What gives?

Well, trust me, I am an annoying, wedding-planning blogging bride-to-be. However, for everyone's sake, I decided to limit how much of that made it onto this blog. Note that I said this blog.

That's right - I've started a third blog, one that will be dedicated to wedding planning stuff. It's called Wer Ond Wif, which means "man and woman" in Old English. And yes, the linguistic-major soon-to-be-husband helped me come up with the name. ;)

I created Wer Ond Wif in March, but have just recently begun posting on it. So if you're not totally bored by napkin colors or photo booth options, head on over & check it out.

(And don't forget about my professional blog, Museophilia!)

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