Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks for the Memories

Because this is the day for such things, I've been reflecting on what I'm grateful for. Here's the short list. ;)
  1. My two nephews: the one currently on this earth & the one to be joining us in February (btw, I've decided to call them Thing 1 & Thing 2, after the mischievous urchins in The Cat in the Hat).
  2. My sister & brother-in-law: I feel very lucky to have two such great people in my life.
  3. My parents: I wrote about my mum yesterday. You can bet my dad is just as great & just as supportive.
  4. My grandparents: They've given me years of wonderful memories, which helped me deal with the loss of my grammy in May.
  5. My friends in myriad places: Even though I spend a silly amount on postage stamps at Christmas, I love staying in touch with my friends across the U.S., in Canada, and in Scotland.
  6. The Red Sox: Two World Series championships in four years? You guys are the best boyfriends ever! ;)
  7. Having the courage to pull up fairly deep stakes & move to Portsmouth alone
  8. and more importantly, having the courage to go back to school to do what I really love.

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