Sunday, March 04, 2007

Warning - Busy Girl

Hey all. :) Hope you had nice weekends. I wanted to go on record by saying that posting will probably be spotty over the next week or so. I worked 62 hours last week and expect to work 55 this week. I've got to use all of my brain power for my job & my students this week, so I may not be around too much.

I promise I'll be back soon, though. My schedule calms down a bit next week, if only briefly. After that, I celebrate my anniversary & St. Patty's on the 17th and fly off to Scotland on the 21st! :)

(Photo above is of me on an "office cleaning day." Why I volunteered to clean behind this shelving unit is beyond me, but it made for some funny photos & jokes about the "caged Stacey" as a domesticated form of the "wild Stacey.")


Teeny said...

Coo, I wondered what you'd done to upset your colleagues when I saw that picture! But then I actually read your post, and realised that they haven't locked you up. Good stuff.

Happy anniversary when it comes! And enjoy your visit to bonnie Scotland! Squee!

(I've had a few too many cups of coffee today)

hetherjw said...

What anniversary is this? 4 days since the giant meatball sub? a week and a half since the last anniversary? or is it some portion of a year with, what's his name... brian? tim? nick?

Stacey said...

Teeny - I'm pretty much that excited about my trip, too! Maybe we can meet up for a cup of that coffee when I'm in the city. :)

J - You're silly. It's 6 months with Nick and you know it. :)