Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Recap

Hello all! Hope you had good weekends & those of you who celebrate St. Patty's Day had a rip-roaring good time. :) I've uploaded the pics from my weekend in South Boston & wanted to share them!
I look funny in this picture. To be honest, I often look funny in pictures when I'm drunk. ;)

The supplies

The Quencher getting their supplies (Eileen, this pic is for you!)

Tony is the bomb, yo. He fit 3 whole Guinesses into his Double Gulp cup. I bet his mom is so proud. :)

Had a hard time finding my friends, but did see Erin for a little bit.

Nick, Tony, Moose

Near the end of the parade, at L. St & Broadway

See! I look weird in any & all pictures where drinking is involved. ;)

Check out the rest of the pics here.


Caity said...

Looks like you had as much fun as we did! I'm not too far from where you were... I'll be posting my pictures soon! Was that not the longest parade EVER?

Teeny said...

I love that last picture!

I can just imagine you mumbling 'You're my best mate, I LOVE you, man' before falling over...

Glad you had fun!

eileen said...

The Quencher! I love it!

FYI, you HAVE to see the movie Southie. Almost the whole thing is filmed on Nick's street.