Monday, March 12, 2007

Gearing Up

Two important countdowns going on here, kids. Numero uno - T minus 4 days until St. Patty's Day. This is my first St. Patty's Day in Southie & I'm pumped!

On Friday night, we're going out for dinner for our 6-month anniversary to Amrhein's. Our actual anniversary is the 17th (Saturday), but we opted to celebrate on Friday to keep the focus on "Yay for 6 months!"

On Saturday, I'm tutoring in the morning, but will be back in Southie by noon for the festivities. I expect to have a pint in front of me by 12:30 at the latest! My college friends will be around that night, so I, along with the rest of the city of Boston, will be out & about enjoying some "beverages."

On Sunday, a friend of a friend is having a party for the St. Patty's Day parade. I expect to begin around 10am that day. ;)

And numero dos is the countdown to Scotland! T minus 9 days until we leave!!! :) The pic above is me in Edinburgh in 2003. You can bet that tweed cap will be dusted off & rocked both this weekend & next week. ;)


Drama Queen said...

Yeah to the six months!

You seem really mad about Paddys day. We don't even make that much of a fuss of it and I'm living with one. . .

Good on you


Sarah said...

Glad to hear you've got a festive weekend planned! It's even inspired us to go out on the town tomorrow, maybe even grab a pint of guiness in celebration (I do miss the festivities from back home though)!

Teeny said...

Cool hat!

I've never been to Ireland but I picture Irish people wearing hats just like that. I know they don't though (just to be clear)...

Enjoy your festivities this weekend!

Jason said...

Hey thanks for linking to my blog!!

I LOVE Amrhein's. I hope you enjoyed your meal there. The Sunday brunch is very awesome.