Saturday, April 15, 2006

Taxes, Trucks, Time Passing

I used to promise myself I would never post without having something important to say. I'm about to go back on that promise. ;) I feel like writing tonight and have nothing especially significant to write about. Reader beware: the following post will be a whole lot of me rambling about nothing.

I sold my old pick-up truck today. I've had that truck for 5 years this spring, the longest I ever owned any vehicle. It's a big black Ford dinosaur, 16 years old and 196,000 miles on the odometer. Yet, I'm going to miss it. That was my Colby-Sawyer/moving to New Hampshire truck. It was a symbol of my switch over to a more simple country life for four happy years. However, I got $500 for it and I'm going to use that money to buy a kayak. There's a neat cyclical motion to that equation that makes losing the truck more bearable.

I also filed my taxes this week. Big whoop, right? Since this is only the second year I've filed on my own, I still find it rather fascinating. Plus, the federal government and the state of Massachusetts combined owe me $565, which is going toward a new laptop. Maybe this tax thing isn't so bad . . .

In other news, I'm happy that this is a long weekend. I worked today, but will be off on Monday for Patriot's/Marathon Day. Most Bostonians think of it as the latter, but Lexington & Concord residents (or former residents like myself & my parents) always think of it as Patriot's Day first. Weather permitting, it will be a good day of hamburgers, cotton candy, parade-watching, and nephew-holding. This will be the baby's first Patriot's Day, even though he has no idea. When I was younger, I always loved seeing all of the young couples with their babies in strollers along Mass Ave. Now my sister & brother-in-law will be one of them. Another neat cyclical motion. :)


hetherjw said...

You do know that the tax money you are getting back is YOURS right? That it was money you were paid and was deducted from your take home pay and thus is not some super sweet gift.

Someday I too will get motivated to buy a kayak... I have been talking about doing it since roughly 1997... and then I'll come kayaking with you. Sound like a plan? Great.

kate.d. said...

oh, how i miss patriots day! chicagoans don't celebrate any of those fun veterans day, no patriots day - hell, my non-profit doesn't even give me columbus day!

not that columbus ended up being someone to really write home about...but you know, a day off's a day off :)

Anonymous said...
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Neal said...

I bought a kayak earlier this year and it was the best thing I ever did, though my kayak is now worth more than my car. We should definitly go some time, I'll take you up on the nashua river or the Concord.