Tuesday, April 02, 2013

2013, Week #13

Here are my photos from March 25-31!

Springy plants at IKEA.

My lovies at rest.

Sunny window plants.

Posted this one already last week, but gosh, work is such a bore.

Spring is coming, it promises.

Having some work done on the kitchen.  Here's the before - a perfectly functional stainless steel sink and laminate countertops.


 More progress, featuring my gorgeous new butcher block countertops.

Getting there . . .

Ta-da!  (Well, minus a soon-to-be-tiled backsplash, a new pendant light, the removal of the window cornice, trim work, etc. etc. etc.

Puppies on the way to the lake for Easter.

Sunny puppy butts!

Pokemon education time.

Egg seeking.

 Sadie is a hound in sheep's clothing.

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