Wednesday, December 05, 2012

If I Had a Million Dollars (Plus)

Given that the Power Ball payment was so high recently, I spent a little brain power on my morning commute thinking about what I would do if we won a large amount of money.  Obviously, it's dependent on how much, but imagining it's like $500 million or some ungodly sum, here's what I'd do:
  • Purchase our home.
  • Set up a fund for property taxes and utilities.
  • Pay off all student loans.
  • Set up an education fund for Thing 1, Thing 2, and our PFCs (potential future children).
  • Set up a fund for taxes and maintenance at the lake house and the PEI house.
  • Put a bunch of money into our retirement account.
  • Set up a Scotland fund for biennial visits.
  • Make a number of one-time charitable donations to organizations in the fields of historic preservation, LGBT rights, environmental defense, animal welfare, and veteran services.
  • If any money remains, use it to seed a philanthropic foundation to fund future giving in those fields.
A little bit of sensible stuff, a little bit of philanthropy, and a little bit of fun stuff.  I like it.

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