Friday, December 09, 2011

Pay Attention

It's after midnight, but this is my photo for Thursday.  We were in town a few hours ago picking my brother-in-law from the airport.  Boston's Mayor "Mumbles" Menino declared a midnight deadline for the Occupy Boston camp to disband and leave Dewey Square.  It's now thirty minutes past the deadline and nothing has happened yet.

Obviously, time will tell and the story may be very different when I wake up in the morning.  However, for now, the eviction of one of the Occupy groups in a large city (MY city!) has remained peaceful.  I hope to write more about the Occupy movement in the future, but for now, here's what I think.  

There are major groups of people, protesting in major cities across the United States and despite the perceived lack of a clear message, there's something here.  People are unhappy with the way this country is going and they're not afraid to stand up and say so.  If you're not paying attention, you should be.

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