Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Base Camp

Tonight's photo was inspired by this one over at Chez Larsson.  Hers is much better, but I kinda like mine, too.  After a long and kind of busy day (split between two museums), I had to endure a 90-minute commute home.  That's twice what it should be and the last 45 minutes was just sitting in traffic within 10 miles of home.  Boooooo.

However, I came home to a lovely glass of wine already poured and an equally lovely dinner.  That was followed by a few hours of lolling about on the sofa - drinking wine, admiring the lights on the tree, and reading stuff on the interwebs.  Plus a short dance party interruption.

I read a post on someone's blog today about their first year of marriage being equal parts "cocktail hour before dinner" and "sofa forts on the weekend" and I loved it.  If I can find it, I'll re-post.  Tonight reminded me how much fun my own marriage can be.  I'm glad I have it/him.

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