Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spread Out

A quick administrative note. If you're feeling like you're not seeing as many posts from me as you're used to, you are in fact correct. I blogged less here on Hodoeporicon in 2010. However, I have been blogging more in general. And look, I even have proof!

Here's how many posts I wrote on Hodoeporicon over the last few years:
2006: 152

2007: 168
2008: 145
2009: 104
2010:  just 76

BUT, if you add 67 at Wer Ond Wif and 57 at Museophilia, then I posted 200 times in 2010. So make sure to check all three of my blogs (the other two are listed at the top right under "My Other Slates").


Sarah said...

Hey you - I was hoping you might have some good ideas for me. I am hosting a Scottish themed dinner party for my book club this Friday (we read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie) and was wondering if you could reccomend some "go to" Scottish meal items - I want to do a main course and a couple of apps. Any info you might have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

Stacey said...

I'm honored to be asked! I'll think of a few things and email you. :)