Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vacation Photos, FINALLY

Hey, so, remember when I went to PEI over the summer and then came home and told you I went and then FAILED UTTERLY to post any of my photos? Yeah, sorry about that. Consider that officially rectified right about . . . now.

I went up first at the end of July into the beginning of August with my parents and grandpop. We had a fairly low-key time. It was really nice to be able to relax a bit.

Our house got a new porch . . .

and hammock.

We went fishing . . .

and caught this scary mother.

Oh, and we went blueberry picking.

Justin and I went up for the last week of August for four days. Too short a time, but we got to see lots of my friends. And here is us at the beach for Justin's first visit!

We wrote our wedding date in the sand there for our Save the Dates.

Then, went to my lovely cousin Bobbie's wedding!

Us in our going-to-a-wedding finery . . .

And us being typically ridiculous.

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Andrew said...

heh heh. blueberry crotch shot.