Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Boy's true name!

(Note to Hodoeporicon readers: this is my transparent attempt to make up for underblogging in the month of October by revealing a big piece of secret, uber-important information. !!! Will it work? We'll find out!)

So the man I'm going to marry has a real name. He wasn't born "The Boy." I figured it was time to go ahead and tell you what is was, for three reasons:
  1. Most of you already know, since you know me in real life.
  2. I used to nickname men I dated, in order not to reveal anyone's identity. However, The Boy is going to be the father of my children someday, so he's sticking around for awhile.
  3. He shares co-ownership of Wer Ond Wif with me, so his name is right up on that page for all to see.
Anyway, without further ado, The Boy's true name is Justin.


Back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Andrew said...



Hey, unrelated but I'm too lazy to open my gmail back up and send you an email. I've been trying to leave comments on wer&wif but the in-site comment box doesn't work for me, only the pop-up one does. do you have other readers with that problem? my browser?

love and pogo sticks.

Stacey said...

You funny, monkey. Speaking of lazy, I'm writing back to you here rather than email you, so there!

OK, so you can or cannot get pop-up windows on your browser? Let's establish that first, then I'll see if I can figure out the rest.

Luf and tall bookshelves. ;)