Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

Haven't done one of these in awhile . . .

Friday night - Nick & I met my friends Jason & Jayne for a drink (or three) at Orleans in Davis. J. & J. are former co-workers, who know about Nick from reading the blog, but had never met him. Which we all thought was weird . . . and kinda stalker-ish. Situation resolved! We caught up on each other's lives, watched the Sox game on Orleans' big screen, and Jason & Nick got free Newcastle T-shirts. Good times.

After J. & J. left (they were cooler than us & had a second engagement), Nick & I wandered down to Anna's for a belated dinner. A little buzzed, I waxed nostalgic about the year I lived in the area. After a steak burrito & a chicken quesadilla, it was home to my place to watch the first of two Sox victories this weekend.

Saturday - Got up around 9:30, had oatmeal, bananas & coffee for breakfast, sent Nick home to watch the NFL draft, and headed to a student's house to tutor. Rejoined him at his place in the late afternoon & alternated between the draft (we got Randy Moss! I don't know whether to be excited or worried!) and the Sox game.

My college friends were doing a Southie pub crawl to celebrate my friend Tim's girlfriend's birthday. Nick, his roommate Moose & I joined them for Murphy's Law, L St. Tavern, the Beer Garden, and Tom English's Cottage. The blurry pic above is my friend John & I at the Beer Garden. After they all headed home (pansies!), we finished up the night at the Quencher.

Sunday - Around 5am, I got up to pee. Disoriented & still a little drunk, I ended up taking a header into Nick & Moose's bathtub instead. Gave myself a nice big scrape on the chin, for which I concocted a cover story in case the higher-ups at the office were curious. If anyone asks, I opened my car door too quickly & bunged myself on the chin. Got it? ;)

Hours later when we woke up, Nick & Moose heard the story & nearly died laughing. Nick & I then went grocery shopping, which was a good way to ease back into consciousness. Back to his place for a late breakfast of cannoli & coffee and an afternoon of being lazy.

After a yummy late lunch of cheddar-wurst & potato pirogies, I tutored a couple of students. Then, home to my apartment to watch the Sox wail on the Yankees for the fifth time in six games. Huzzah!

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