Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Final Day of Photos

OK, finally wrapping up the photos now. I hope you all have enjoyed them! On Day 6 of our trip (March 27th), Nick & I rose at 6am to catch the Cuillin sunrise,
enjoyed a full cooked breakfast,
made the Armadale-to-Mallaig ferry, but had to squeeze our rental car on next to some scary looking industrial equipment,
enjoyed a morning cruise to the mainland,
checked out some bucks in Rannoch Moor,
and ended our trip with a hazy-day tour of Stirling castle.
Here are the rest of the pictures.

Here's a video of our morning in Crossal and another of our afternoon at Dunvegan.

Sigh - back to the real world, I suppose. ;)

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londongirl said...

Looks fab. I hope you haven't got post holiday blues too badly!