Saturday, May 03, 2014

Pregnancy Update

Well, I'm now two days past my due date!  That's the pregnancy update so far.  I've had a really good, positive pregnancy, but am definitely getting a little fidgety and impatient now.  I have a check-up ultrasound and appointment on Monday and am penciled in for an induction on Wednesday afternoon if nothing happens naturally before then.  In the meantime, I worked from home this week and am officially on maternity leave as of this weekend.  Trying to just enjoy the time off, get some final projects done, and not stress too much about the baby taking her sweet time to show up.

Since this is probably my last pregnancy post (not that I did that many), I though I'd post my first and last pregnancy selfies.  Maybe if I get bored this weekend, I'll post the other 22.  ;)

8 weeks

40 weeks

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