Monday, November 04, 2013

2013, Weeks #42 & 43 & 44

Damn,  Turns out being pregnant and leaving a job can really distract a girl from posting weekly photos.  I'm going to have to combine three weeks into one here.  Presenting photos from 10/14-11/3.  Enjoy!


(part of) my family.

Outside my window.

First photo of the wee one!

Moved all the houseplants back inside.  Nice having the greenery back!

It's getting colder out, so Sadie got to try on her new sweater.

My morning.

More of my morning.

Last day in this office.

Weekend morning.

Leaving Connecticut College after my intern's symposium.  She did a great job!

Sunday bkfst.

Apples & peanut butter - snack of champions (and West Wing presidents)!

My pumpkin is a redneck.

Cute couple.

My fancy husband (Sir Walter Raleigh to my Queen Elizabeth).

16th century HOTNESS.

Lovely view for a flat tire (my museum).

Sadie enjoying the late fall sunshine.

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