Wednesday, June 05, 2013

2013, Week #22

Super belated photos from May 27-June 2. As I look back, it was a very busy week.  In addition to all you see here, I opened an exhibit at one museum, closed & deinstalled an exhibit at another museum, and my great-aunt passed away early Wednesday morning.  A roller coaster of a week, really.

Hot tubbing on Papa's birthday! 

The lake!

Brave boys (that water's ice cold).

Love the lake and this guy!

Beorn's first trip to the lake!


The meadow by Sally's Pond.


Hangin' in the backyard patio project with uncle.

Bedtime reading & toe pointing.

Team "Mucking Strong" after the Mountain Mucker (photo shamelessly stolen from my friend Natalie)

Beer sampler at the Flying Goose after the race (ditto on the photo steal, from my friend Erin this time)

More lake!

A well-deserved break at the lake the day after the Mucker

Busy weekend + high temps + highway driving = sleepy puppies.

Hammock Cape Codder in my new Mountain Mucker mug!

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