Monday, September 24, 2012

The Last March of the Houseplants

Please excuse the slightly silly title (referencing this).  I'm re-reading LOTR, so I've got many references from the book on the brain.  The overnight temps last night went below 40, so I brought the potted hostas and the palm in from the yard tonight.  The hostas will overwinter in the basement and the palm will go back into the living room.  They're all on the porch now so they can gradually adjust to warmer temps indoors.  The porch is a little crowded, but a lot green tonight!

Oh, and just two more weeks in my 365 project.  Can't believe it's been 50 weeks!  After it's all over, I'll write a post about how it went and how it felt.  I think I'll keep posting images a lot (since I'm still in love with my phone and Instagram), but I am looking forward to more text-heavy posts in the future!

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