Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Special Eyes

I took this photo around 4pm today.  Why was I not at work?  Oh, nothing, just a pretty bad case of conjunctivitis.  Womp-womp.  I attempted to drive to work, but my eyes are really photosensitive right now and they kept closing involuntarily on the highway.  One more time, for the people in the back - my eyes kept closing, on the highway, while I was driving.  Eeps.

So I called my boss and the Rotary Club President (I was scheduled to give a historical lecture at their luncheon today) and the doctor's office.  I have some antibiotic eye drops, a list of ophthalmologists, and strict instructions not to wear contacts until my eyes are healed.  Sigh.

At least the situation allowed me to work from home on the porch and see my hubby & puppies, though!  This is Justin working away with the pick axe on the foundation for the patio.  Hooray!

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