Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nature Walks

So as those of you with dogs know, life is sometimes all about the routine.  At some point in every single day (unless we're away), Sadie and I walk down the same street.  

If it's morning & I'm rushing to get to work, we walk to our first landmark, the first fire hydrant (making our round trip about 0.4 miles).  If I have a little more time, we walk down to the second landmark, fire hydrant #2 (about 0.6 of a mile round trip).  And if we have enough time, we walk all the way to the end of the road, which makes our round trip 1.1 miles.

I don't usually have time for the full walk in the mornings, or on dark winter evenings, but on weekends and summer evenings, we always go the full distance.  I love this time, this 20-30 minutes of shambling down the road and taking in the day.  Sometimes the reservoir along the road looks like this:
And sometimes it looks like this:
Yesterday, it started to melt a bit, so it looked more like this around the edges:
On the return trip yesterday, we wandered off the road and down a narrow path by a stream.  I took some video of the burbling stream and the slight springy feeling to the scene.
Today, that same stream looked like this:
Waah, waah.  Whatever - I know spring is coming someday!

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