Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Trip to La Crosse, WI

That title contains words I never thought I'd type. ;) I've been to Wisconsin before, mind you, but it was a church youth group trip to a youth center in Green Bay eons ago - and I don't recall much choice in the matter. Not that I had much on this one, either. Husband was on a short leave before heading to much warmer & further climes (somewhere in the Middle East - I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you). Ergo, Wife must travel to wherever he be.

And in the end, it wasn't bad. I booked us a suite in a wonderful B&B called the Bentley-Wheeler. The owners were kind & thoughtful, brought us amazing breakfast baskets in the morning, gave us restaurant recommendations, and otherwise just left us alone to be "the couple spending time together before the husband deploys." Bless them for that.

And for the bargain basement price of $135/night, we stayed in the most amazing suite I've ever seen. It was a 3rd floor ballroom that was converted to a suite with massive living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, porch, and CHURCH ORGAN! The fuzzy video below was taken on my phone, but it gives a sense of the joint. If you turn your volume way up, you might be able to hear my narration in the background.

The view from the porch

On the 4th day, due to a booking error, we had to move downstairs to the normal-sized guest suite. However, it was no dump either & the owners waived that night's room charge due to the mix-up. Note: my husband has on athletic shorts in the above photo, thought it does not look that way.

Lovely room!

We spent an indecent amount of time napping, eating, and shopping at the market down the street. It was lovely to see my husband after nearly 2 months apart, and heartbreaking to say goodbye to him again. With luck, I'll be seeing him sometime in the spring on his 2-week, mid-deployment leave. We're meeting in the middle in Scotland! And that's the cheerful thought I'll take us out on . . .

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