Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Overheard in Portsmouth

I was at Dos Amigos, the local burrito/taco joint, the other day. The older, rather uptight-looking woman in front of me gave the shaggy haired cashier a gift card or coupon of some sort. He had to call over a long-haired higher-up to approve the card. Dude takes an appraising look at the card, then jokingly says it passes the "high tech inspection."

Old, uptight-looking lady's response? "You can use what's left on it to get a haircut."


I thought I couldn't have heard her correctly - it just wasn't possible - who says that? Then, after receiving non-committal grunts from the employees, she says, "No, seriously, you need a haircut."


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Andrew said...

In such cases as these I wish I had the balls, and the quick-thinking mind, to respond with something inappropriate but equally rude, like: "You, actually, need it more than I, to pay for the emergency removal of the stick from your ass."

I miss $5 Burrito Mondays. :(