Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm cheating today - yet again - with a picture post. Some of you may remember that my former landlord died in mid-March. The executors of his estate were able to take care of most things, including helping me relocate, but the question of his cats remained.

Now, I am emphatically not a cat person. I love dogs & their unquestioning loyalty. Cats have always turned me off with their gosh darn independence & cunning. However, I am also emphatically an animal person. So when the choice came down to the cats being put down or my new roomie & I adopting them, my choice was clear.

Meet Speedy (black) & Zane (grey), our "new" additions (we got them in April, but I'm just writing about it now). They're actually a lot sweeter & more personable in this house than they were next door, probably due to the trauma & stress of their owner's death. Either way, they're ours now & it's not too terrible. ;)

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Caity said...

aw, I'm glad you took them! They look very sweet. :)